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Air Medic Sky 1 was first conceived by Dr. Ian Leistikow when he was the coordinator of patient safety at the University Medical Center Utrecht. Ian dreamed of creating a cutting-edge video game that could train young doctors about patient safety. In order to achieve this goal, Ian and Dr. Cor Kalkman, the head of patient safety, recruited Pamela M. Kato, a psychologist known for creating a ground-breaking video game shown to increase treatment adherence for young people with cancer in a clinical trial. The team then enlisted the expertise of game designer, Corwin Bell, creator of the revolutionary biofeedback game series, The Journey to Wild Divine, and his team at Visionshift Studios.

With this auspicious convergence of passion and expertise, the Air Medic Sky 1 biofeedback game was
born - the first computer game in history where doctors, psychologists and game designers came together to attempt to resolve patient safety issues.

Visionshift Studios Team

  • Game Director & Senior Game Designer, Corwin Bell
  • Programmer & Game Designer, Jan Delany
  • Concept Design & Lead Artist, Bryan Mayner
  • Lead Producer & Production Coordinator, Karen Sadenwater

 University Medical Center Utrecht Team

  • Executive Producer, Pamela M. Kato, EdM, PhD
  • Lead Medical Expert, Cor Kalkman, MD, PhD
  • Lead Patient Safety Expert, Ian Leistikow, MD, PhD
  • Senior Videographer, Jan de Witte at the Multimedia Center at the UMC
  • Quality Assurance Head, Russel Reiss
  • Project Manager, Verónica Marín


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