Rene Amalberti 


Professor of medicine, MD, PhD Cognitive Psychology, research specialist in system safety. He is presently Vice CEO of IMASSA (Airforce Aerospace Medical Research Institute) and serves part time as the referent expert patient safety at the Haute Autorité de Santé, France. He is doctor in Medicine (Marseille, 77), Professor of physiology and ergonomics ( Paris , 95), and a PhD in Cognitive Psychology (Paris 92). He joined the French Air Force in 1977, graduated in aerospace medicine, and is presently head of the cognitive science department at IMASSA (Airforce Aerospace Medical Research Institute).

From 1980 to 1992, he was involved in four major research programs as: (i) developer of the French Electronic co-pilot for fighter aircraft, (ii) developer of an Intelligent-Training support system at Airbus, (iii) team member of the EC Research project Model of Human Activity at Work (MOHAWC), and (iv) co-developer of the first Air-France Crew Resource Management course.

In late 1992 he was detached half-time from the military to the French ministry of transportation, to lead the human factors for Civil Aviation in France, and in 1993 became the first chairman of JAA human factors steering committee, a position he held until late 1999. He has continued as a resource person for civil aviation authorities (HF certification A380, A400M), and manages safety research in various areas such as patient safety (co-writer of the accreditation reference document at the High Agency for Healthcare), road safety (chairman national research program), and chemical industry (vice chairman of the new National Foundation for Industrial Risk).

René Amalberti has published and co-edited over 100 papers, chapters, and books, most of them on the safety and the emerging theory of Ecological safety.


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