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This innovative patient safety game is an interactive biofeedback game. In the game players are introduced to biofeedback game controls to navigate the game and basic concepts regarding communication and teamwork in patient safety given by an international team of patient safety experts delivered through mini-games and lectures. Players also manage patients in complex situations that they will inevitably face as junior doctors. Play and learn about patient safety and gain insight into how physiological functioning affects performance.

Air Medic Sky One (AMS1) is a videogame that provides young doctors with new techniques to enhance their performance.

Despite their high level of training, all doctors at some pint in their career will be involved in harming a patient. The numbers are staggering: up to 5% of all patients admitted to a hospital suffer unintended harm. When doctors are involved, the cause is seldom lack of medical knowledge. More often it is the organizational and situational contexts in which doctors have to work that deny them the opportunity to apply their knowledge to the best of their abilities. This frustrated doctors and harms patients.

We cannot change these contexts with a game. We can however change the way doctors manage within these contexts. AMS1 fills a void in current medical training by teaching doctors about non-medical factors which can influence their performance. AMS1 improves doctors’ ability to recognize problems before they occur, and so give them more time to adjust and prevent harm to their patients. AMS1 offers a safe place to practice decision making under extreme pressure, so doctors can improve their style and become comfortable in their ability to cope. AMS1 uses biofeedback to let doctors experience their own stress regulation and become capable of consciously influencing their own stress levels, independent of external stressors.

 AMS1 is not about teaching medicine. There are plenty of tools that cater to that need. AMS1 is about helping doctors use medical knowledge in the real world. Medical curricula teach doctors about diseases and illnesses, but insufficiently quip them to cope with the demanding and rapidly evolving situations in which they have to apply that knowledge. This is something doctors typically have to figure out for themselves, on the job, sometimes at the cost of patient harm. AMS1 can help. It provides for a safe opportunity for doctors to enhance their performance so they can remain stable in an unstable environment. So they, as individuals and as part of their team, can always deliver to the best of their abilities, independent of the external strains that they are subject to.

 AMS1 is about improving healthcare outcomes without improving medical knowledge.





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